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CowboyStudio Photo Studio Monolight, Flash Lighting Kit – 2 Studio Flash/Strobe Kit

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  • Two (2) Tripod/light stands
  • Two (2 ) High Quality MonoLight
  • Two (2) 16″ x 24″ SoftBox with spring ring
  • One (1) 12 ft sync cord
  • One Year Warranty


The unit mounts onto any standard lightstand with a 5/8″ or smaller mounting stud. It has a circular flash tube that is daylight balanced at 5600 deg. K, a guide number of 90 at ISO 100 and a recycling time of 5-7 seconds. It also comes with a 50 watt removable modeling lamp. The Budget Studio monolight Flash can be triggered through the camera with its included 12′ sync cord, by another flash being fired and activating the built-in Photo-Slave, or through its open-flash test button. It’s a compact 7.0″ long with a diameter of 3-3/4″ and weighs only 15 ounces.


Power: 110 Watt Seconds;
Angle-adjustable bracket with built-in umbrella holder. 50 Watt model light;
Color-temperature corrected (5,500K) circular flash-tube. Includes 10′ AC Power Cord, Sync Cord; All kinds of lighting accessories available: barn-doors, snoot, color filters, honeycomb, soft boxes & umbrellas.

Light stands:
Versatile, Hardworking & Lightweight;
Black anodized aluminum;
Stable & Quick Setup;
Maximum Height: 1900 MM, 78 inches;
Minimum Height: 810 MM, 32.4 inches;
Maximum Load Capacity 2.5KG, 9.9 lbs;
Closed Length: 805 MM, 32.2 inches;
Footprint Diameter 925 MM, 37.8 inches;
Mounting Stud 5/8 inches;

The translucent light produced by these Softboxes has been the photographer’s friend for years. The new fabrics are much more resistant to the effects of heat, age and pollution. The color temperature of this new softbox is near neutral, and will stay that way.

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Written by rioscarl19

June 3, 2013 at 11:52 pm

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